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Integrated Support for Sustainable Urban Environment 2 (ISSUE2), 2007-2010
With the recent success of ISSUE1 in implementing sustainable sanitation in  the City of San Fernando, La Union; second phase (ISSUE2) of the programme expanded its scope and coordinate, this time, with the Provincial Government of La Union.

ISSUE2 is no longer limited to ecological sanitation, rather it carries solid waste management as the integral part of the programme. It aims to improve and modernize the systems for management of excreta and solid waste in the Philippines.

ISSUE2 is a global programme participated in by 15 countries in four continents; Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. It is in line with the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) of addressing poverty alleviation through sustainable sanitation and solid waste management. This is supported by WASTE Advisers on Urban Environment and Development, The Netherlands and funded by the Netherlands MInistry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS, Directorate General of International Cooperation).

MAIN OBJECTIVE  - To support key stakeholders to modernize their systems for management of excreta and solid waste, leading to increased living standards and stable livelihoods of disadvantaged people and communities.


  1.  Improved SMART urban environmental management - To support local consoritum to work with key stakeholders to plan, implement and mainstream models of smard urban environmental management.
  2. Sustainable capacity building - To stimulate local stakeholders to build their own capacities and to make resources available to them for that purpose.
  3. Enabling governance - To create and enabling institutional environment for participatory, transparent and accountable decision-making.
  4. Sustainable financing - To institutionalize structural access to financing for modernized urban environmental activities that is available to women and men active in the private, public and civil society sectors.
  5. Coherence - To strengthen coherent policy and programme implementation of urban environmental systems through local, national and international policy and programme engagement, to trigger sustainable upscaling.
  6. Empowering partners - To put programme management firmly into the hands of capable partner organizations and their district consortium so that they and stakeholders take full responsibility and ownership for the formulation, planning execution, evaluation and continuation of the process. 

Integrated Support for Sustainable Urban Environment (ISSUE)
2004 - 2006

The ISSUE Programme was conceived by WASTE Advisers on Urban Environment and Development and supported by the Netherlands Agency for International Cooperation (DGIS), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main focus of ISSUE Programme is ecological sanitation in partnership with the City of San Fernando, La Union.

ISSUE Programme is based on the Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISWM) concept, which is founded on the principles of efficiency, equity and effectiveness. ISWM integrates the three dimensions of urban waste management and sanitation, namely, the STAKEHOLDERS, the waste ELEMENTS and the sustainability ASPECTS of development processes.


  • Alleviate poverty and its effects through local initiatives in urban waste management and urban sanitation;
  • Develop and build models in waste management and sanitation that takes into account the social environment;
  • Direct or re-direct valuable resources to support livelihood opportunities among the poor; and
  • Harness accumulated knowledge and experience to practical application.
The ISSUE Programme has three components: Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan), Waste Venture and Knowledge Sharing.
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