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2012 Message From the Executive Director of CAPS Print E-mail

2011 was a fascinating year for CAPS. It allowed CAPS to do two outstanding activities - an exploratory study on the sensitive problem of poor sanitation in Philippine public elementary schools, which resulted in a publication that will be released in January 2012; and to boldly get engaged in the preparation of a set of Guidelines and a Manual on WASH in Emergency in the Philippines, which integrate in humanitarian emergency assistance the subject of excreta management.


As the new Executive Director of CAPS, I am challenged to raise the profile of CAPS to even greater heights, the boundaries of which or where and how high that will be, shall have to be defined, however,not exclusively by the ED, but in consultation and collaboration with colleagues in the exercise of participatory, responsible management. CAPS is a small institution but its local and international network of professionals and expert institutions embolden it to dream big and want to leap high. Within the bounds of its capability focused on capacity development and of its expertise on sustainable sanitation within the framework of environment management and sustainable development and for the higher goal of poverty alleviation, as the new ED of CAPS, I will endeavour to provide good, reliable leadership.

May the year 2012 be more fascinating for CAPS!

Lilia Casanova
Executive Director


2012 Message From the President of CAPS


CAPS had a fulfilling year in 2011. It marked the culmination of several major projects supported by foreign and local partners. Among these were the ISSUE 2 Programme funded by WASTE of the Netherlands; the Knowledge Node Project with grants from the Stockholm Environment Institute-EcoSanRes II Programme; and the SuSEP Project with World Bank-WSP Manila. CAPS also conducted sustainable sanitation and program management training for DILG. 2011 also ushered CAPS to venture in WASH in Emergency concerns with UNICEF as main partner. CAPS donated 30 units of urine diverting toilet bowls to evacuation centers in Cagayan de Oro which was hit by severe typhoon and flooding during the Christmas season affecting thousands of people.

Another milestone in 2011 was the final acquisition of CAPS office building, a permanent physical working space CAPS can call home.

CAPS is now entering the New Year 2012 with lots of hope and aspirations. We are hopefully anticipating an exciting project with MWSS, as regard to propagating Ecosan with the Dumagats in the Ipo Wastershed area, the main source of drinking water for Metro Manila. This project will help ensure the protection and conservation of the quality of water in the watershed.

With Ms. Casanova as our new ED, CAPS will continue to lead in the promotion of sustainable sanitation with more vigor and enthusiasm in 2012 and beyond.

Dan Lapid

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